How do you build the best gym in Burbank? Here’s our transformation story, in the hope that we inspire yours.

Burbank Fitness Club isn’t just the place to be if you’re looking for your own personal transformation; the Club itself has also undergone a transformation since the new owner began full-scale renovations in 2018. And just like a fitness journey, Burbank’s favorite gym will continue to evolve for years to come – bringing you the best possible version of Burbank Fitness Club every day.

How We are Building the Best Gym in Burbank

20+ Years of Burbank Fitness History

Burbank Fitness Club is home to a historic spot in the Burbank fitness community. The location has had strong community support for the fitness culture, but after decades of use, the facility and operations were ready for a major overhaul. Burbank Fitness Club owner, Tom Tunnicliffe, stepped in to bring this iconic Burbank fitness location to a new elevated condition that the facility has never seen. Tom began a thorough assessment of the space and operations and quickly realized there was much to be done if he wanted to give this community a gym that it deserved. Amanda Benson-Tilch joined the team as the Managing Director. Mrs. Benson-Tilch has a deep history of experience in both marketing and business consulting which was a perfect fit for the task at hand. “When you’re transitioning ownership, your vision has to be very clear,” Amanda explained. “For us, it was to provide a better experience from the moment you walked in the facility while still retaining the stable feeling of a community gym. This location has been a gym in the community for over 25 years. Our number one goal was to maintain a level of respect from the local fitness community, while over delivering with value at the same time. We wanted to honor its history by building upon it, rather than starting over.” Such grandiose goals, however, required big changes and, more importantly, the right team to help execute their new vision. “I cannot do it all by myself,” Amanda continued. “So, finding that team, trusting that team and making sure they see our vision – that was vital to the success of Burbank Fitness Club’s transformation. And you really must be clear. You cannot just hand over a pair of glasses and expect your team to see your vision the way you see it. That is where communication and culture become so important – because we want this gym to be a great place for our team, as well as our members, and grow from there.”

Building the Best Gym in Burbank

The first thing Burbank Fitness Club leadership did when taking over the gym in 2018 was a healthy self-assessment. As Tom, Amanda and the team began to dig into every aspect of the former operation, they realized there was more work than expected if they wanted to achieve their vision.

“When we started to take a closer look, we began to find that pretty much everything was broken, in one way or another,” Amanda said. “We knew we had to do a complete overhaul, with a better gym for the community as our guiding objective.”

Their plans included:

  • Rebranding – new logo, colors, website, staff photos, videos, social media, newsletter, uniforms, swag and more
  • Operations – hours of operation, childcare hours, class schedules, member database, pricing structure, billing software, member communications, community partnerships and more
  • Renovations – newly designed lobby, floors, paint, lighting, A/C system, sound systems, workout rooms, spin studio, yoga studio, top-of-the-line equipment, amenities and more
  • Staff Training – learning from current staff, onboarding new staff, teaching new systems, implementing new customer service processes and more

“It wasn’t just one thing; it was all the things. We looked at every single aspect of the gym, taking each challenge one-by-one, so we could shape this business into the kind of gym our members would love spending time in,” Amanda said. “It has not been easy. It has been a learning experience along the way, but that’s where growth happens. Besides raising a couple of kids, this has been the most challenging thing I have ever done.  And I love it. I love every part of it.”

The Future of Burbank Fitness Club

With a full range of workout options, expert and attentive staff, enthusiastic community support and modern amenities, today Burbank Fitness Club is designed to set a precedent in your fitness life: to make the gym feel so good that you want to keep coming back. “While we are well on our way, there’s still more we can do to make our vision a reality.”  Amanda stated.  Even after nearly three years of renovations and upgrades, Burbank Fitness Club leadership still is not done giving you their all.

“It’s been a lot of work, and we’re not done,” Amanda said. “But that’s what we want. We want to create that constant Disneyland feeling – with something new always around the corner.”

When a new piece of equipment comes out, Burbank Fitness Club plans to deliver. Likewise, when there is a new craze in group fitness, the team will be there to offer it to its members. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Burbank Fitness Club was the first Burbank gym to install UV light filters that disinfect the air throughout the entire facility.

“It’s always going to be changing,” Amanda said. “But the one thing that will always stay the same is our commitment to creating a culture and a community that makes fitness feel good.”