Burbank Fitness Club just launched an exclusive, user-friendly App for members! Now you have a digital barcode at your fingertips for seamless, contactless check-in – no membership card on your keychain or in your wallet. Just open the App and scan in!

Access the Advantages

You already have access to high-quality facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and the best fitness trainers in Burbank. Now you can personalize your experience and save time with the Burbank Fitness Club App.

Easy Setup

All you need is a membership to get the Burbank Fitness Club App. Simply connect with a front desk staff member to be invited, or visit the website, www.burbankfitnessclub.com.

Payment Flexibility

Even when you’ve found a local gym with reasonable prices, your payment methods aren’t always routine. You can use the App to update payment options and prevent potential delinquencies through notifications. While in the App, simply click the three dots at the bottom and it takes you right to your profile. By selecting Payment Methods, you can update your bank information or credit card. Each member has the freedom to change fitness club payment information without having to call the front desk or come into the gym. The App will notify you when your payment is overdue or a credit card is expired, so you can correct it right away.

Book Classes the Easy Way

The App gives you access to the calendar for an effortless sign up for a fitness class. Get a spot in Barre Blend, Full Body Shred, or your other favorite classes before they fill up. Check the App for: start time and length of the class, the number of spots, and how many are enrolled. It even lets you join a waitlist. The calendar is updated every month so you can book your spot and never miss the best fitness class for your schedule! (If you still don’t have the App, just call, text, or stop by the front desk and one of our team members can add you)

Manage Your Profile

When circumstances change you can update your email, phone, address, or other information in minutes using the App. If you move or need to cancel your membership for another reason, there’s a Cancel Membership tab on the App that opens a PDF explaining how to proceed.

Added Perks

Compatible with Other Fitness Apps

The Burbank Fitness Club App uses the Trainerize platform and it interfaces with the ABC Fitness App. If you already have Trainerize, your profile will merge with your BFC App, so you won’t lose your data.

Keep Track of Health

Use your Burbank Fitness Club App to stay on top of healthy habits with shortcuts from “hydrate” and “protein” to “training” and “results.”

Local Business Discounts

Show your barcode to select businesses in town for exclusive Burbank Fitness Club member discounts. Inquire at the front desk for a list of local partners. More than a Burbank gym – with a BFC membership you connect to the fitness community in Los Angeles!