Calorie Counting? You should know about the Harris-Benedict equation. This equation is what we use because it takes into account a person’s sex, age, height, weight, and level of physical activity. When it comes to weight loss, a calorie is a calorie. Think about your calories as a budget. Increase your calorie budget with exercise, don’t waste your calorie budget on high-calorie low nutrient foods.

Weight loss goals! Have you hit a wall? Measure your caloric intake to find your Basil Metabolic Rate with exercise. Cut 500 calories/day to lose 1lb per week.

Ways to cut 500 calories:

  • Go low carb for 2 meals. Bread and Rice can range from 200-400 calories per serving.

  • Opt for black coffee – holding the sugar and cream will save you about 200 calories/cup.

  • Get a full nights worth of sleep. Sleep deprivation slows down your metabolic rate and increases appetite for sweets.

Start your day with some sweat! Exercise before breakfast will increase your metabolism throughout the day, that can translate into burning more calories. 

Calorie counting is hard! Focus more on portioning your food with proper meal planning. 

Calorie counting is hard, eat foods that uses more calories to eat.

  • 70% of calories used is for your bodily processes like digestions, heart beating, nails growing etc. Eating foods high in protein and fiber can also burn calories!
    • Foods like squash, potatoes, brown rice, and yams.