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How To Get The Best Personal Training In Burbank & Beyond

Ready to get the best personal training in Burbank and beyond? Check out this in-depth guide to see why it works, how it works and how to make it work for YOU. If you’re reading this, then you’ve likely committed to working with a personal trainer. Congratulations! Science shows it’s one of the most powerful […]

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How To Cultivate A Productive Workout Buddy Partnership

Whether you’re a social butterfly or lone wolf at the gym, the benefits of an effective workout buddy relationship are undeniable. Find the right one for you with this comprehensive guide by Burbank Fitness Club.  If you’ve ever been in a workout buddy relationship, you know that sometimes it feels a little like dating. Are […]

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Finding The Perfect Fit: A Guide For Couples Who Workout Together

Want to work out with the one you love most? Here’s our guide to cultivating a positive gym partnership for couples who workout together. Whether your relationship is budding, undefined, long-term or decades in the making, working out together can be a ton of fun … or a challenge. It all depends on the way […]

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