Yoga addict • peanut butter junkie • singer • meditator • Simpsons devotee • scientific study nerd • birthday-memorizing savant • believer in the power of community

Fitness evolved from a routine to a lifestyle when Arjuna realized it’s essential to enjoy the journey. Whether he’s reading up on the latest research about the human body or playing with a new inverted pose, Arjuna’s lifelong quest to learn and try new things has taken him further than he thought possible. Teaching yoga allows him to share that passion with others, in the most fulfilling way.

How do you lead by example?

I’m a sucker for anything that’s good for me. Cold showers? Check. Intermittent fasting? Check. Meditation? Of course. And I’m always eager to share what I’ve learned. That’s the why and how of teaching for me. I try to help people find new things their body can do — and new places their mind can go.

Certifications & Experience

  • 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification