Traci Benton


likes music loud • curator of top hits • doesn’t mind a good sweat • lover of chocolate and Squirt • knows how to throw a cardio party

When Traci found group fitness, she immediately knew she’d found where she belonged. With each class, her mood improves, her body is stronger and her outlook on life is brighter. Teaching group fitness classes is no chore for this fitness fanatic; it is her greatest passion. As a result, she challenges every member to join her in a high-energy, inspiring hour of fitness that’s designed to lift your spirits and recharge your energy levels.

What are the three magic ingredients to a fitness plan that lasts?

“Fun. Music. Group fitness. If you’re going to work your butt off, have a great time doing it. Group fitness is my outlet, and I’m a huge fan of the latest hits in pop, hip-hop, dance and alternative music that keep you energized and motivated throughout an entire class. I love a good music-pumping, sweat-pouring cardio party because that’s what I’ve found is the best way to get fit, remain healthy and be happy!”

Certifications & Experience

  • Certified by Johnny G. Spin, Inventor of Indoor Cycling
  • CPR Certified